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Rank of Moderators

The list of moderators, even those who have retired or never can online again…

heart Send to moderators, I always see you as my friends, and will always be, even if you can’t continue to help me. I know all of us have a life of their own. You have spent time in your life helping me manage this site, maybe you will not feel anything, but for me, it is a lot, I always cherish it. At present the site is quite large, so for many current moderators, I can’t chat with you much, but I’m always there for you, don’t hesitate to tell me whenever you need help, if I can, I will do it for you. As mentioned, all have their own lives, so whenever you do not have enough time, or want to come back, let me know, I always have a place for you here, and also in my heart. The best friends I’ve ever met on the internet, and will be forever. πŸ˜‰


0 Point (∞/week) 568 Point (+12.5/week)
0 Point (+12.5/week) 0 Point (+12.5/week)
0 Point (+15/week) 2070 Point (+15/week)
96 Point (Retired) 174 Point (Retired)
90 Point (Retired) 90 Point (Retired)
90 Point (Retired) 273 Point (Retired)
50 Point (Retired) 140 Point (Retired)
627 Point (Retired) 403 Point (Retired)
0 Point (Retired) 0 Point (Retired)
0 Point (Retired)    

Updated on July 01, 2024


heart You want to become Moderator? Sorry, currently we don’t need more. But you still want to help others? You are always welcome, you can help this community by answering people’s questions, many people need help everyday, they are often new people, and often don’t know how to use the file before starting the game. Or simply they don’t know how to use this site. When you help a lot of people, this community often calls you “Helper”, we also put you on the list of trusted πŸ˜›