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Problems With "rld.dll"

If you have a problem when you open game “The dynamic library “rld.dll” fallied to load…”   You must disable or turn off anti virus (It deleted file “rld.dll”) Download “rld.dll” again (File rld.dll in folder crack) (If you don’t have or deleted, I will upload when you ask and you say name game) [...]

Problem with "Failed to initialize"

If you have problem with ” failed to initialize”. you can step by step:1. You must uinstall game.2. You must turn off anti virus.    (Because game had miss files while game was being installed).3. You install game again.Have fun ^^Good luck.  


If you followed the guide “Lag Gameplay Or Slow?” at HERE … But the game continues to Lagging …. You can try the following: (Only for VGA NVIDIA) 1. Click right mouse on Desktop. 2. Choose “NVIDIA Control Panel” 3. Add pes 2014.exe 4. Choose “Integrated Graphics” ( don’t choose “Hight [...]

Problems With Files d3dx9_43.dll, MSVCR100.dll,…

If you’re having problems about d3dx9_43.dll, MSVCR100.dll, XINPUT1_3.dll… You can visit this site and download it:   TUTORIAL: 1.  Type that files in “Search bar”:     2.  Download it here:   3.  Extract it and and See how to use in file “README.TXT”.   PS: If you still [...]

Problems With Password or Corrupt File

If you have problem with Corrupt File or Wrong Password:   How To Repair: 1. Open file with WinRAR. (right click file corrupt and click open)2. Tools >> Repair Archive  ( or press “Alt + R” )  3. Press “OK”  4. Press “Close” 5. After successfully fix file, it will create a new file with name [...]


Does IGG upload torrents? If so, where can I download them? Yes, he does! You can download torrents that he has uploaded from here: GAMESTORRENT.CO  

Virus / Trojan /… ?

If your anti virus say that virus or trojan, and delete files. You must turn off your anti virus, then extract/install game again. The games have a crack inside, the Anti-Virus usualy detect the crack as a virus (and try to delete game files) but there is no real virus. If this is a problem for [...]

Question about "Steam…", go to "Steam" when start game,… ?

If games take you to Steam page or ask you about CD key/Keygen when start game, that mean you still not crack it. Open .ISO files, you will see a folder (Its name may be: CODEX, CRACK, PROPHET, SKIDROW,… You don’t care it), you copy all files in that folder and paste into game’s folder, then start [...]
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